My name is Michael Hoffmann. My research group and I are harnessing emerging technology and science in our explorations of environmental science.

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Research Highlights


In the area of water treatment technology, the Hoffmann group is continuing to explore the use of ultrasonic irradiation, semiconductor phototcatalysis, semiconductor electrochemistry, and combinations of approaches utilizing ozone as a supplemental oxidant in order to eliminate chemical contaminants from water.

In recent years, there is a renewed focused on solar fuels production via photocatalytic water splitting to produce molecular hydrogen and via the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 in to useful products such as syngas, methane, and higher order hydrocarbons. The Hoffmann group is actively involved in issues related to solar fuels production from the synthesis of new hybrid semiconductor materials that are efficient water.


Professor Hoffmann Elected to Chinese Academy of Engineering

Michael R. Hoffmann was honored by Washington University in St. Louis as the 2018 Ryckman Lecturer in Chemical, Energy, and Environmental Engineering. (pdf)

The 2017 Herb Ward Distinguished Lectureship in Environmental Science and Engineering Honors Professor Michael Hoffmann

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